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States of India
The country India consists of twenty eight states that are broken down further into seven territories. Territories are then classified into districts.

North India
North India is settled within the beauty of the Himalaya Mountains. The culture is multi-faceted and has many important Hindu pilgrimage sites. Popular cities within this area include Jammu, Punjab, Delhi as well as Kashmir. Autovermietung Siegerland

South India
South India consists of several states including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This are of India is surrounded by several bodies of water like the Indian Ocean, Arabic Sea and Bay of Bengal. The Eastern and Western Ghats (mountain ranges) are also situated within this area.

East India
Eastern Indian houses the states of Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand. This part of India is bordered by the Bay of Bengal and is very rich in minerals.

West India
Western India includes Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Thar desert surrounds this state. This region of India is also bordered by the Western Ghats.

Rajasthan is the larges state in India located in the Thar Desert. It is also situated with the Aravalli Range, the oldest mountain range in the beautiful country of India

Jaipur is known as the pink city and the capital of Rajasthan state. This state is famous for its popular palaces and forts

Kerala is situation near the Arabian Sea as well as the Western Ghats. Its characteristics include many hills and very rough mountainous environment. The region is also filled with many rivers.

Allepey is one of the most beautiful regions in India that is very popular for tourism. The beaches are very inviting. This is a good area for a family getaway with one of the most popular activities being boat rides through the canals in the area.

The Indian Culture
Indian culture is very diversified with many religions, languages and lifestyles. It's song and dance are very pleasing to hear and see. India also produces many movies and is known as the movie capital of the world.

Indian forts and monuments
Many popular forts are found in Rajasthan, one of the largest states in India. Rajasthan is a tourist area know for its beauty and many tourism sites.